Monday, April 27, 2009

Redbox Rentals

I have a love/hate relationship with redbox. I feel it's partially responsible for driving into the ground my favorite independent movie store. Yet it's cheap. So I use it.

I rented two horror flicks recently, Forest of Death and 36 Pasos. Forest of Death is not good. Laughable ghosts/monster things, and the plot is just slow and utterly non-frightening. I rented it under the misguided idea that it was a Japanese horror movie, and it wasn't until the end that I realized that no one was speaking Japanese at all (I'm not so good with the Asian languages). It was a Chinese horror movie! I've yet to watch a Chinese horror movie that I found to be any good. (Of course with my horribleness with languages who knows, maybe I have seen a great Chinese horror film). Japanese horror, even when its bad, still has a certain creepy edge to it. Though the best Asian language horror film I've watched so far was actually Korean. A movie called A Tale of Two Sisters.

36 Pasos
is watchable, but not terrific. I like the plot, and several of the themes, but at times it tries a little too hard. There are scenes that would be great, if only they were edited and cut down. There was several times when my roomie and I were yelling at the TV that we got it already, the movie could move on now. I would recommend it. But my recommedation is half-hearted.

Where did the good horror movies go?

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