Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Slow Week.

I think I'm going for a most rejections without any acceptences record for Not One of Us. I'm up to 4. Oh it's on.

Now while I go psych myself up to edit and send out my latest zombie, you should go watch Pink's Latest Video and count the Stephen King references.

Good writing everyone

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Best Horror Stories Ever. Part 1. Because there are a lot.

Am I applying for new jobs? Am I writing something beautiful and magnificent? Nah. Though I have three stories in progress (i.e. I have three stories with beginnings and nothing else). And I have four large ceiling to floor windows (old house = wonderfulness) with much to watch. And I have a book (The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror - Eighth Collection, 1994 I think). And I've run across a few horror stories in here that I've read before, and this got me thinking. There are some stories that I reread every time I come across them, some stories that I'll pull a collection off of my bookshelf, and ignore the other stories just to reread the one. This of course doesn't mean that I don't enjoy the other stories, just that I don't feel the drive to reread them over and over again. So I've decided to start listing some of my all time favorite horror stories (and only horror stories. To do more would take a while).

In no order whatsoever:

1.) "The Box" By Jack Ketchum: Little boy sees the inside of a man's box on a subway and things began to happen. I'm partial to Ketchum, and this story is horrific without any source of actual horror. It's puzzling and bizarre, and I love it.

2.) "Snow, Glass, Apples" by Neil Gaiman: A retelling of Snow White. I adore fairy retellings, and this is one of the darkest and most elegantly written ones.

3.) "Mr. Sly Stops for a Cup of Joe" by Scott Emerson Bull: I love stories where the distinction between the good and bad guys gets thin or reverses completely (see Joyce Carol Oates). And this story manages to be both fun and disturbing at the same time.

4.) "The Chill Clutch of the Unseen" by Kim Newman: This story addresses what happens to those old-school monsters, as well as the good guys, as they age. And the ending makes me smile.

5.) "They" by David Morrell: I love this story so much I had to stop to read it while listing it. It's about wolves. And one little girl who encounters them.

Listing these stories just makes me think of all the ones I've yet to list. Consider this a sampling, and nothing more.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Zombie Anthologies Open for Submissions

Smell that? Yeah you probably don't want to. It's the smell of zombie.

Over at Living Dead Press, Anthony Giangregorio is putting together a zombie antho called (maybe) The Book of the Dead. He's only taking Romero style zombies (slow and steady), which I think is great. I love traditional zombies.

And at Library of the Living Dead Press, Dr. Pus is putting together a charity zombie antho called Night of the Giving Dead. All proceeds go towards First Book, a charity that tries to promote literacy by giving books to children with limited access to them.

And that's the zombie news of the day.

I am working on a story for Dr. Pus' antho. But I think it will be my last zombie one for a while. Of course I originally said I didn't have any zombie stories in me. And then I wrote "Sins of the Living..." Then I said I had maybe one more. Now I'm four zombie stories in. But I think after this one I'll be done for a while...

unless the zombie inspiration strikes again

Friday, May 15, 2009

Absence of Puppies = Sad Writing

My day job is going away due to the economy (ie the place I work at has to close), and this means I will no longer get to play with dogs daily. I feel my mental health will suffer for this. It is common knowledge that 80% of all happiness is caused by puppies. Simple scientific fact really.

And it has happened. Though I pledged to write a 8000 words or so story, I have warped it, and it looks like it will be around 3000. It might actually be impossible for me to write longer stories. My version of Gone with the Wind would have gone a lot differently.

Also on the writing front, it appears I will start reviewing some books for The Monsters Next Door. This means free books for me! Yes.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weird Tales!!!! WEIRD TALES. Weird Tales? WEIRD TALES!

I just got home from a full day of work, and am covered in large pretty colored bruises from a (very lovable) bulldog that thinks he's the size of a chi and acts like it, but it doesn't matter!!! My story is going to be in Weird Tales!!!! All 149 words of it!

Weird Tales is my publication. The one magazine/whatever that if I had my choice (say a magical genie came about) and was offered the chance to be in whatever publication I wanted, I would chose Weird Tales. For some writers its F & SF or Cemetery Dance, or some literary market I am unfamilar with, but mine's Weird Tales. And now I'm happy.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Will write longer work or else. May Resolution.

It seems like quite a few writers I've known like to complain of how hard it is for them to write shorter works. "It was going to be around 3000 words," they'll say. "But I just couldn't stop."

This is not me.

I have a problem writing longer works. I love writing beginnings, and I love writing endings (particularly endings, they're my favorite part. I usually can't wait to get to them). I have some trouble with the in-between.

I am determined to get over this, and so I will write something longer in the lovely month of May (longer here being defined as 8 to 10 k). I have the idea for the story (it has been inspired by the lovely doggies I work with), and have been plotting about it, and I think it will work best as a longer story, and not one I've smushed into under 3000 words. So I shall write it. I will. Starting sometime shortly...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Stolen - What won't I write?

I've copied this idea from Jameson T. Caine, who cleverly posted about what he won't write. There is nothing that I will say that I will "never" write, since I used to say I would never write about zombies, and oh look, I've written about zombies not just once, but three times. Apparently I lie.

Things I probably won't write about.

1.) Guns. I don't know a lot about guns, and so don't expect me to write on them. I can throw out a few general terms, but since I really have no idea what I'm talking about, it would just make me feel foolish. This probably means there are no epic zombie novels in my future.

2.) Babies. See above. I'm rarely around babies, and despite my powerful Bachelor's in Psychology, I've already forgotten all the stages of development and the like. Plus babies don't actually do a whole lot. Maybe if I had an idea of an evil baby story (Bradbury is the author of my fav evil baby story), than I would write of the wee ones. Bc they are a little creepy.

3.)Bodily fluids other than blood. This one seems pretty self-explantory. Look I'm not particulary prissy, but c'mon now.

Things I'm on the fence about:

Vamps and Werewolves
. If I have an idea I feel is somewhat creativish/newish, than I might write it. But there's a lot of lit on them already, and I won't contribute to it, unless I am really hit by something.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Awesome new anthology!!!

I sent out another story to Dr. Pus for his flash fiction zombie collection Zombology IV, and he has decided to start another collection because of it! it will be a collection of fairy tale zombie stories (my story was of Hansel and Gretel) and I couldn't be more excited!!! I feel creative and wonderful today. And everyone should submit to Dr. Pus' Feary Tale Collection.


Dr. Pus is awesome. Wait can I say awesome twice in one post? Actually three times now? I'm going with yes.