Sunday, May 3, 2009

Stolen - What won't I write?

I've copied this idea from Jameson T. Caine, who cleverly posted about what he won't write. There is nothing that I will say that I will "never" write, since I used to say I would never write about zombies, and oh look, I've written about zombies not just once, but three times. Apparently I lie.

Things I probably won't write about.

1.) Guns. I don't know a lot about guns, and so don't expect me to write on them. I can throw out a few general terms, but since I really have no idea what I'm talking about, it would just make me feel foolish. This probably means there are no epic zombie novels in my future.

2.) Babies. See above. I'm rarely around babies, and despite my powerful Bachelor's in Psychology, I've already forgotten all the stages of development and the like. Plus babies don't actually do a whole lot. Maybe if I had an idea of an evil baby story (Bradbury is the author of my fav evil baby story), than I would write of the wee ones. Bc they are a little creepy.

3.)Bodily fluids other than blood. This one seems pretty self-explantory. Look I'm not particulary prissy, but c'mon now.

Things I'm on the fence about:

Vamps and Werewolves
. If I have an idea I feel is somewhat creativish/newish, than I might write it. But there's a lot of lit on them already, and I won't contribute to it, unless I am really hit by something.


  1. I'm going to play the never say never card. I change my mind too often to make a list. :)

  2. I don't know a damn thing about guns, but coming from a family that cannot seem to stop procreating like mad, I know far too much about babies.

  3. my family doesn't seem to be dropping the babies so much. perhaps i should blame them for my lack of baby knowledge.

  4. I will never say never, but I'm not inclined to write about women's issues (or hygiene), but if the right story comes around. . .