Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Will write longer work or else. May Resolution.

It seems like quite a few writers I've known like to complain of how hard it is for them to write shorter works. "It was going to be around 3000 words," they'll say. "But I just couldn't stop."

This is not me.

I have a problem writing longer works. I love writing beginnings, and I love writing endings (particularly endings, they're my favorite part. I usually can't wait to get to them). I have some trouble with the in-between.

I am determined to get over this, and so I will write something longer in the lovely month of May (longer here being defined as 8 to 10 k). I have the idea for the story (it has been inspired by the lovely doggies I work with), and have been plotting about it, and I think it will work best as a longer story, and not one I've smushed into under 3000 words. So I shall write it. I will. Starting sometime shortly...


  1. I like to think every story is as long as it should be. It's often bull, but I have to appease the brevity gods who withold those extra words from me.

    Most of my shorts tend to be under 3,000 words.

  2. I am a flash fiction lover myself and if it is over 2000 words it turns into a novella or longer for me, usually. My stories usually don't care how long they are, they are what they are.

  3. I nearly always have to struggle to keep my word count down. I could easily turn a simple flash piece into a bloated 8k monstrosity.

    Good luck with your goal!

  4. Write longer works, but don't worry about length. Cate is right about stories being as long as they should be. (it's not bull at all!)

    If you force it either way, the story suffers.

    Add layers, subplots, interesting extra tidbits...that'll do it. Good luck.

  5. I have this same problem! It's not that I don't enjoy writing flash, because I love it. I adore the brevity. I like keeping it spare. But I really would like to stretch myself...and the story. :P

    I don't think it's a matter of trying to force a piece to be what it isn't. I think it's a matter of trying different things, and improving.