Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm Boring, Sylvia Plath is not

I've not been up to a whole lot writing wise. Between home hunting (rent signs are everywhere when you're not looking and no where when you are) and working, I've been letting writing slide. I'm going up to OH for a bit (the North I like to call it. despite people telling me this mid-west myth. it's north of me. it's the north. and it's cold. has to be the north). hopefully the cold will spur me to work...

Now go watch this video of Sylvia Plath reading her poem "Lady Lazarus."

Well the audio is of Plath. The video is not.

You're welcome :^)


  1. While I'm nto a big Plath fan, this is a very cool find!

  2. thanks for sharing the video. good luck in the bitter north.

  3. Barry- it's always great to see authors reading their own stuff. i listened to a tape once of O'Conner reading "A Good Man is Hard to Find." Beautiful

    Jamie- i will need the luck to fight the cold! Though the cold might be 60 degree weather. still cold.

  4. Plath always adds a little cheer to my day.

  5. LR - cheer's not the word I'd use, but it will do haha

    Aaron- the Plath is the awesome

  6. I'll be waving to you from Michigan!