Sunday, August 23, 2009

Favorite Final Girl

While typing up a review for the lovely TMND the other day, I popped in a DVD for inspiration, and this caused me to think - I don't think I've ever shared my views on my final girl fav.

(for those who didn't spend their time in college writing one too many term papers on horror - "final girl" is an idea created by the one Carol Clover)

So here she is my favorite final girl -


The female lead in Clive Barker's Hellraiser, here are my top ten reasons for why Kirsty kicks ass.

Spoilers lurk ahead people.

10. She is quick when it comes to saving her delicate boyfriend.

9. She disobeys doctor's orders.

8. She consults no one. She gets help from no one. (I'm not considering the looming threat of pinhead and his fellows as "help")

7. She enjoys her wine, but not too too much.

6. She's willing to brave hell in order to go back for her father.

5. She acts fast when it comes to throwing evil boxes out windows.

4. She dresses like a person and not like a pin up.

3. She doesn't spend any time complaining how impossible all the supernatural occurrences are around her. ie. she's confident enough in her own mental state to not worry about the surreal quality of her surroundings

2. She not only has a brain, but she uses it.

1. She has. FANTASTIC hair. so curly.

I might have to be her for Halloween. Best Final Girl Ever. Or until the next wonderful movie I rewatch :^)

Any other final girl favs?


  1. That is fantastic hair. That's probably why she's so self-confident and courageous--she knows her hair is awesome no matter what she does. :)

    Incidentally, I've awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award.