Thursday, August 6, 2009

Road Trip To Hell! The Car That Ate My Parents! An Evil Boat! Okay forget that last one.

The Wondrous ezine, The Monsters Next Door, is doing a special road trip themed issue! I love road trip themed horror. Think Hitchhikers, Rest Stops, Trips that go Wrong, Back Roads into Nowhere, and last but not least, Hitchhikers! (What? I love hitchhiking stories)

Details can be found here.

For inspiration, I would suggest reading "Children of the Corn" by King or watching such films as Rest Stop, The Hills Have Eyes (original), Penny Dreadful, and all the dozens of other films I'm not remembering.

What's your favorite road trip movie or book? I love the Penny Dreadful (First year of the Afterdark 8 films to die for). Of course it does have a hitchhiker...


  1. I've always been fond of Children of the Corn, but I do love The Hills Have Eyes.

  2. Shattered by Dean Koontz is an awesome hitchhiking story.

  3. danielle - i do love the children of the corn. "outlander!"

    jameson - I forgot about pumkinhead. That is a good one

    jamie - I haven't read much of koontz. i should probably give him a chance one of these days