Monday, September 28, 2009

The Monsters Next Door and Other News

The latest issue of The Monsters Next Door is available for purchase now! This is the first print issue. You can also download the free pdf here. For issue eight, I reviewed C. Bryan Brown's sci-fi/horror novella Men of Five

Library of the Living Dead Press now has an anthology open called "The Moron's Guide to the Inevitable Zombocalypse." It looks crazy good, and submissions info can be found here.

I finally did some writing, and finished my long languishing story "Wolf." Now I have three stories on the editing chopping block. Some writers love it, some writers loathe it, but for me, editing is just something to procrastinate :^)

Monday, September 21, 2009


I'm going to work some on my story "Wolf" today, so I rewatched a clip of the Wolf Guy (Shaun Ellis) teaching a wolf pup how to howl. "Wolf" (camping misadventure story) was limping along at 1500 or so words, and then I cut all but the 200 word intro. Nice. So here goes.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Worst Blogger Ever/ I think I'm a dog person

Haven't blogged in a while, am sort of in a writing slump. It's gotten to be where I'm writing just to keep up the practice, and the stuff I'm producing I really have no faith/interest in.

In cheerier news, I am looking forward to the new Necrotic Tissue, as it will have one of my favorite stories that I've written in it.

So I used to think of myself as a cat person. But since I've started working with dogs and living with cats, I've decided that I'm actually a dog person. I just don't get cats (and I do think that mystery is part of their charm, but come on, mystery can only take you so far). We fairly recently added a cat to our one cat household, and the two just keep staring at each other. One will walk by, and the other will meow. This gets repeated, about twenty times a day. I keep waiting for something to happen, for them to play (wait, do cats play?) or fight (I know they fight). But so far, nothing.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Books of August

The Good, The Best, The Rest, and The Reviewed

I read less in August than I did in months past (due to circumstances partially tied to a certain overdue library book which is being very difficult and hiding somewhere in my house), but here are the books of August.

The Good
Firestarter - King (now I think the only books I've yet to read of his are The Stand and the four fantasy books)
Julie and Julia - Julie Powell
Hide and Seek - Jack Ketchum. The only reason I decided to place this with the good instead of with the best is because I feel that while the first half or so of the does a good job of setting up characters and relationships, the pace it sets is a bit slow for me.

The Best
The Outlander by Gil Adamson. This book is about a woman who commits a crime and who is then chased through the Canadian wilderness by a set of eerie red haired twins who want her to pay. I am a sucker for women in the wilderness books, as well as for tales about a woman on her own, and I enjoyed this book very much.

The Rest
The following are books I finished, and while they weren't my favorite books, I did take the time to finish each one of them (books I don't like, I don't finish. End of story). These are not bad books, they just weren't for me.

Woman - Richard Matheson
Deep in the Darkness - Michael Laimo
A House Divided - Deborah LeBlanc.

And The Reviewed
I read Men of Five by C. Bryan Brown for TMND, and my review for that should be coming out in the next issue.

Good writing everyone! (no I didn't neglect a WIP Wednesday post on purpose...)