Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Books of August

The Good, The Best, The Rest, and The Reviewed

I read less in August than I did in months past (due to circumstances partially tied to a certain overdue library book which is being very difficult and hiding somewhere in my house), but here are the books of August.

The Good
Firestarter - King (now I think the only books I've yet to read of his are The Stand and the four fantasy books)
Julie and Julia - Julie Powell
Hide and Seek - Jack Ketchum. The only reason I decided to place this with the good instead of with the best is because I feel that while the first half or so of the does a good job of setting up characters and relationships, the pace it sets is a bit slow for me.

The Best
The Outlander by Gil Adamson. This book is about a woman who commits a crime and who is then chased through the Canadian wilderness by a set of eerie red haired twins who want her to pay. I am a sucker for women in the wilderness books, as well as for tales about a woman on her own, and I enjoyed this book very much.

The Rest
The following are books I finished, and while they weren't my favorite books, I did take the time to finish each one of them (books I don't like, I don't finish. End of story). These are not bad books, they just weren't for me.

Woman - Richard Matheson
Deep in the Darkness - Michael Laimo
A House Divided - Deborah LeBlanc.

And The Reviewed
I read Men of Five by C. Bryan Brown for TMND, and my review for that should be coming out in the next issue.

Good writing everyone! (no I didn't neglect a WIP Wednesday post on purpose...)


  1. Wow, that is a pile of reading done. good luck on finding that library book.

  2. Loving the reviews. It's always nice to have a little nudge toward (or away from) a book.

  3. I liked the Julie & Julia movie. It sounds like the book may be worth reading too.

    You make me feel vaguely guilty that I've just rereading old favorites lately.

  4. Jamie - i think it ran away

    Aaron - well your welcome :^)

    kc- I liked the book, and want to see the movie now. and you should never feel guilty about rereading! sometimes it feels like you get more out of rereading a favorite than you would starting something new

    Danielle - i did briefly try seeing if i could set fires with my mind while reading it. the answer is no. can't move things either.

  5. Cool post. Been thinking a lot about King's early works lately, and all those King first editions I lent out or otherwise left scattered along the road . . .

  6. I always thought I read a lot, but you put me to shame.

    Ketchum’s great and I love Matheson’s short stories, but Michael Laimo...oh dear, I read Fires Rising recently and it definitely wasn’t for me. Never again.

  7. Brendan - I do love King's earlier stuff. For me, it's much better than... crap I blanked. New one I just read not too long ago, but couldn't finish. Something about a coast and a painter...maybe a gulf in the title... no...

    LR- Ketchum has been consistently great for me. Matheson, eh, the "Woman" was ... not really for me. I do like his shorts though.

    I like some of Michael Laimo Darkness novel, but it hinted a lot at ideas/evil things, but didn't really bring them to me. (Oh god I'm starting to sound like a Kirsten Dunst movie)

  8. I hate having an overdue book. Makes me ashamed to show my face at the library, sure that everyone is watching me and judging me as I fork over cash to pay the fines.

  9. megan - yeah i'm convinced an alarm is going to go off when i check out new books, or that a DO NOT LOAN TO THIS PERSON sign will be pasted on the door.

    and the forking over the cash is always painful. but i like to think of it as giving to the library... and keeping them in business :^)