Thursday, November 5, 2009

NaNo day five - Finding Nemo inspiration

I've written four stories and have a word count of 8000 something (you know you're getting lazy when its too much work to open a new screen to check on your word count). I have the beginnings written to another three stories (old bad habits die hard). And I keep singing "Just keep writing."

Ah NaNo


  1. I keep thinking the same thing. I love that movie, not at good as Cars or Up, but still very good.

  2. Awesome! A good wordcount and lots of new stories--perfect!

  3. thanks for the support everyone! :^)

  4. Rah rah, sis boom bah, Goooooooo Team!

    Now let's kick some major tail. I'm only 8k words behind. This, my friends, is what we call a rally!


  5. Fantastic... Keep on singing... Erm, I mean writing. That fish sings a little like I do. ;)